Our Approach

1. Create “Raving Fans” of our Clients

We reject the idea that “good enough” is good enough. We must give our clients a GREAT experience in every area. We don’t just want satisfaction; we want them to rave about us.

2. Taking Care of Our Jericho Family

The key to our success is treating people well. Team members are encouraged to speak up and take risks. We recognize and reward excellence and promote development and growth.

3. Giving Back

The fundamental foundation of Millennium is to give back through our time, financial support, and resources to our communities and organizations that align with our core values.

4. Doing the Right Thing

We exercise good judgment by “doing the right thing” instead of just “doing things right.” We strive to understand the impact of our decisions, and we accept responsibility for our actions.

5. Do More with Less

We are focused and serious about the operations of our business. We believe in hard work and investing extra effort to get things done. We believe in operational excellence, and realize there is always room for improvement in everything we do.

6. Be Passionate and Strive for Excellence

Passion is the fuel that drives us and the company forward. We value passion, excellence, determination, perseverance, and a sense of urgency.

7. Being a Student of What We Do

We never stop learning. We never stop making ourselves better. Positive growth is important both personally and professionally. And growth comes from constantly challenging and stretching ourselves individually and as a company.

8. Be Humble

While we reward and celebrate our individual and team successes, we are not arrogant. We always treat others how we would want to be treated. We carry ourselves with a quiet confidence, because we believe in the long run our character will speak for itself.

Our Story

A lot of people said it couldn’t be done. They claimed that you couldn’t grow a a remodeling company into something large and successful, all the while still maintaining the absolute highest standards for craftsmanship and professional service.

We can confidently say: the people that said that were wrong, and we’ve flat-out proven it.

We are determined to be different. When we launched Millennium, we made the decision to live the values we believed in and to do things that had never been done before in the remodeling industry.

Next Steps...

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